White Ash
From 1200 Rp / KG
Black Ash
From 600 Rp / KG

Welcome to RoseMetals

Rosemetals Company Pvt. Ltd. is founded in 2007 in New Delhi, India. Our main business activities are used car  catalytic converter collection and recycling. Within five years, Rosemetals Pvt. Ltd. became one of the largests collectors of used car catalytic converters in India.

We, Rosemetals Pvt Ltd, are representatives of the largest German and Italian refineries who all treat and refine precious metals from industrial scrap and residues.

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USD/RS 1.6395 1.6397 0.0031
GBP/USD 76.97 76.99 0.30
USD/CHF 0.8179 0.8181 0.0109
Office phone
Vikas Arya
Managing Director

New Delhi-110052, India

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